Laundry Print

In the field of laundries, UHS has developed and supplied to its customers, over the years, a system for optimum energy saving.

Most laundries produce waste heat of different temperature levels and states, which is not used to advantage in many cases.

UHS views the different laundry processes under the holistic aspects of energy optimization.

The task here is to substantially reduce the specific energy consumption without interfering with the laundry process or the laundering quality.

We offer heat exchangers specially for this industry:

Components: Tube heat exchangers

Components: Plate-type heat exchanger

Systems: customized

  • Waste water heat recovery systems, e.g. with monitoring and controling the waste water influx temperature
  • Heat recovery system with a storage tank to guarantee constant fresh water temperatures
  • Control of individual machines with different rinsing water temperatures
  • Tempering of washing liquor
  • Regulated condensaterecooling

Systems: Waste water heat recovery for small units

Besides, we also provide individual solutions to every customer's needs. In addition to the sale of components, we are also specialists in the installation of complete heat recovery systems on turn-key basis.