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UHS GmbH supplies individual heat exchanger components and complete heat exchanger / recovery systems on turn-key basis.

General product information

Biogas plants:

Do you have problems with reaching the temperature in your digester?

UHS has a very flexible solution according to the modular principle: External digester heating

Do you need a hygienisation / pasteurization for your biogas plant?

UHS has a compact hygienisation system: fully shop assembled hygienisation system

Sewage sludge plants:

Sewage sludge treatment plants do often need a thermal treatment of sludge. UHS produces fully shop assembled heat exchanger systems with corrugated M-Tube heat exchangers that are very efficient.

Moreover UHS has experience in vapour steam condensation in sewage sludge plants.

Food & beverage:

For the food industry UHS offers special corrugated heat exchangers as mono-, triple-, or multitubes and as welded or fully demountable for better cleaning.

As novelty UHS has a unique heat exchanger, type P-Tube SML, developed for food industry / highly viscous media. This heat exchanger has compared to a triple tube heat exchanger 2-2.5 times more surface area at same length.

Contact us directly to this, to get more information.


Do you want to save energy out of waste water and exchaust air (dryers, ironers)?

UHS offers fully customized waste water heat recovery systems or standard turnkey systems, like MI-4000.



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Product information sheets
External digester heating

English version: Information about external digester heating systems

Externe Fermenterheizung

Externe Fermenterheizung

Hygienisation of biomass

English version: Information about hygienisation systems for biomass


Informationen zum Rohr in Rohr (Mono Tube) Drallrohrwärmetauscher


English version: Information about compact waste water heat recovery systems

Wärmerückgewinnung, Dampferzeuger